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    Product name: Drain Cleaning Machine
    Model: GQ – 80
    Power size: 300 W
    Operating voltage: 230 V or 110 V
    Speed: 400r/min
    Pipe diameter: 20mm-200mm
    Accessories: 15mm*2.5m spring
    16mm*3m spring 5
    One spring of 10mm*5m
    7 dredging tools of 16mm
    A pair of thickened gloves
    One metal drum
    Clean length: 45 m (maximum distance)
    Short sleeves
    Increase concentricity and impartiality
    Foam metallurgical lock core
    Clamps are harder and last longer than those made of ordinary cast iron.
    Roll los bearing
    The surface rolls chromium, the processing is exquisite and smooth, the work flow, does not stick, the resistance is small, the noise is small, the friction coefficient is low.
    Durable, easy to operate, suitable for household, company, hotel, One person can operate smoothly.
    High power, good clean effect;Open type, easy to operate;Fast heat dissipation, durable
    Don’t need to install, aluminum alloy body
    Packing list
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