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    Common failures
    1.Weak contact of tooth surface. During the gear meshing process, the 32 ton double girder gantry crane cannot have the tooth surface contact along the specified tooth depth, causing the tooth surface to be uneven or the tooth surface to be connected. The reason is that the gear processing does not meet the technical requirements or the center distance of the box, and the parallel deviation of the two axes is too large.
    2. Generate continuous noise. Noise is often the sound caused by the mutual squeezing of the top of the tooth and the root of the tooth. The sharp angle of the tip of the tooth can be disappeared with a fine file.
    3. Generate uneven noise. The uneven noise is mainly caused by the skew angle of the teeth of the helical teeth or the corresponding holes on the two sides of the box being different, so that the contact of the teeth is biased at the ends of the teeth. This situation is generally not easy to repair, and the parameters of the 32 ton double girder gantry crane should be scrapped. Sometimes it is because dirty goods have fallen into the hole of the box body during assembly, and they are cushioned on the outer ring of the rolling shaft.
    4. Generate intermittent and crisp impact sound. This situation is mainly caused by scars or sticky booties on one of the teeth. It can be eliminated by grinding off with a fine file or whetstone.
    5. Fever. The reducer box is hot as a whole. If the temperature exceeds 80 掳C, stop using it, check whether the bearing is damaged, the operating rules of the 32 ton double girder gantry crane, whether there is a lack of grease between the gear and the bearing, whether the load duration is too long, and whether the rotation is stuck And so on.
    6. Shake. Check whether the axes of the components connected to the active and passive shafts are concentric and loose; check whether the stiffness of the base or bracket is sufficient, and adjust, repair and strengthen the problems to eliminate them.
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