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    Our History
    1. Founded in 2014 year
    2. Expand production scale and removal in 2015
    3. Development Kanglv NO 1 Material in 2016
    4. Fully automatic production line in 2017
    5. Fully carry out high quality production in 2018
    6. Has become a giant in the filed of Air Filter in 2019
    Our Factory
    Guangzhou Kanglv Purification Technology Co., Ltd. Established in 2014, it is a technology-based enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of filter materials,With 6 years of dedicated and professional technical reserves and experience in the filter industry,
    It has successfully passed ISO9001 quality management and ISO14001 environmental management system certification,The raw materials of core products are from the United States,Japan,Korea and other countries,which have obtained the ISO9001 quality management and the IS014001 environmental management system certification
    We imported advanced machines from all over the world and made customized equipment to perfect automatic production line,such as Fully Automatic Glue Fixing Machine,Hepa Pleating Machine,Korean Bafo Glue Fixing Machine,Composited Machine, Cutting Machine,
    Ultrasonic Composite Line,Edge Bander Machine,Sticking Sponge Machine etc
    It has given Kanglv the powerful air purification ability,has got a lot of achievements,which is a national high-tech enterprise,Cooperates with the scientific research institutes,has achieved fruitful achievements in the treatment of solid pollutants, gaseous pollutants, microbial pollutants and other pollutants.
    Healthy life filters the future,we will look forward to make friend with the people from all over the world. Let us know each other and create a better tomorrow together!
    Our Product
    HEPA air filter, Carbon Non-woven air filters, Activated carbon, Pocket filter,Cartridge filter, Cabin Air Filter,Combined air filter, Industrial dust collector filter.
    Product Application
    Clean workshop, Lab and Clean Room, Hotels,Garment,Shops,Building,Material,Shops,
    Electronic,Machine,Communication,Equipment,Hospital, Home, Hotel.
    Our Certificate
    Patent Certificate:
    1. Detection of graphene composite filter
    2. Filter appearance design
    3. A kind of proof net for air conditioner intake
    4. A kind of fixing clamp for air purifier cartridge
    5. A kind of glue fixing clamp for air purifier cartridge
    6. A kind of fiber composite air strainer
    Verified Certificate:
    1. ISO14001 Certification of Environment Management System
    2. ISO18000 Certification of Occupation Health Safety Management System
    3. ISO9001 Certification of Quality Management System
    Production Equipment
    1. Fully Automatic Glue Fixing Machine,
    2. Fully Automatic Hepa Pleating Machine,
    3. Fully Automatic Korean Bafo Glue Fixing Machine,
    4. Fully Automatic Composite Machine,
    5. Fully Automatic Cutting Machine
    6. Fully Automatic Ultrasonic Composite Line
    7. Fully Automatic Edge Bander Machine
    8. Fully Automatic Sticking Sponge Machine
    9. Fully Automatic Packing Machine
    Production Market
    America,Korea,Thailand,Australia,Malaysia,Indonesia,Singapore etc.
    Every year sales amount over 50 million.
    Our Service
    How our works process?
    1锛歎nderstand the customer’s requirements, such as: what kind of filter they need? where to use it? what specific requirements? then we work out a reasonable plan and quote price after their confirmation.
    2锛欴isplay our filters for our clients,Details introduction and explanation using specification and using method,Answer all question clients mentioned.
    3锛欰fter shipping out,guide clients how to use it and offer some Maintenance if needed.Medium Efficiency Synthetic Fiber Bag Filter suppliers