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    1. Place fingers inside the face mask. Bend the nose clip around fingers to form nose shape.
    2. Hold the face mask in position over the nose and mouth, pull the head harness behind the ears.
    3. Using both hands, form the nose clip around the nose and shift the headharness to ensure a positive face seal.
    4. Fit check
    a. To test the fit of the face mask without an exhalation valve, cup both hands over mask and inhale sharply.
    b. If air flow felt in the nose area, re-adjust/tighten the nose clip.
    c. If air flow felt around the edges of the respirato, re-positon the face mask /headharness to achieve a better fit.
    5. Change the mask immediately if breathing becomes difficult or mask becomes damaged or distorted.
    6. Change the mask if a proper face seal can not be achieved.
    7. Careful observance of these instruction is an important step in safe respirator use.Wholesale Face Masks