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    The plastic extruder (the main machine) is matched with the tube plastic forming auxiliary machine, that鈥檚 called a plastic tube extruder, to produce plastic tube products.
    鈼廝lastic tube is one of the main products of extrusion. Plastic tube can be divided into two categories, one is hose, and the other is hard tube. Its diameter is different from a few millimeters to 500mm. The plastics materials that can be used as tubing include PVC, PE, polypropylene, ABS, PA, PTFE and so on.
    鈼廡he process of extruding a hard tube: The plasticized materials are extruded into tubes through the annular gap between the head mandrel and the mouth model, and then enter the setting device (also known as diameter fixing sleeve) cooling setting. Then it goes into the cooling tank to cool down further. The fully cooled tube is drawn at a constant speed by a traction device that can adjust the traction speed. Finally cut into a certain length of tube.
    鈼廡he technological process of extruding plastic hose is different from that of extruding hard tube. In general, the diameter fixing sleeve is not set, but the shape is maintained by pumping in compressed air.
    鈼廔t can also be cooled naturally or cooled by spray, and the use of transport belt or on its own weight to achieve the purpose of traction, by the winding reel to a certain amount (a certain weight or a certain length) when cut off.
    鈼廡he equipment mainly consists of the following devices: shaping devices, cooling devices, traction devices and cutting devices (for extruded hard tubes) or coiling devices (for extruded hoses).
    鈼廝lastic tube has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, good insulation, no scaling on inner wall, small flow resistance, no rust, easy coloring, easy processing, no painting, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. It is widely used in construction, agriculture, chemical industry, municipal administration, medical care and other fields.China Plastic Products Extrusion manufacturers