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    The crystal craft boat was clear and sparkling, with a tall, straight mast, a flag on the top of the mast, and sails written: “Break the wind and waves”, “sail smoothly”, “return full load”. All the ropes on the boat were strings of crystal beads, even more magnificent, with sharks protruding from the bow. The stereoscopic pattern of the fin is very majestic.
    This product is novel and eye-catching, using sailing as a craft image, traditional implied business smooth sailing, business is thriving. Color can be customized with different color crystals according to customer requirements.
    This craft explanation: craft crystal lamp ship USES whole crystal to make, should pay attention to each working procedure, work heavy and complicated meticulous, manual feeling is strong. The crystal aspect breaks the traditional all-white crystal design, USES the color crystal and the white crystal collocation to give the exquisite effect, novel and unique.
    This kind of crystal ship, also need inside vulture normally, drive the laser of certain wavelength into crystal with laser machine, make specific part of crystal interior produces slight burst to form bubble, thereby outline a kind of crystal processing technology of preset shape, also refer to the crystal handicraft that produces with this kind of technology. Customized Crystal Craft