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    QSFP28 SR most used in data center, customers more like us because the massive production and OEM available, ISO14001 quality system control and price negotiable

    鈼?Hot Pluggable QSFP28 form factor
    鈼?nbsp;Supports aggregate bit rate up to 103.1Gb/s
    鈼?nbsp;Single MPO12 interface
    鈼?nbsp;4x25G/s 850nm VCSEL transmitter, PIN array detector
    鈼?Operating case temperature:0 to 70 掳C
    鈼?nbsp;Low power consumption
    1锛歐here are you located?
    We situated in a beautiful city called Zi bo, located in the north part of Shandong province.
    2: How many Technical guy in your company
    We have total almost 30 technical guy in our factory, which mainly include R&D and Hard ware device technical person100G QSFP28 for sale