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    The MG type subway gantry crane for construction is composed of a cart, a trolley, a crane lifting mechanism and an electrical system. All procedures are done in the operating room. Suitable for general loading and unloading work in open warehouse or railway. It can also be equipped with a variety of lifting devices for special tasks. subway gantry crane is forbidden to work in dangerous operations such as high-temperature solutions, flammable, explosive, corrosive, overload, and dust. The MG type subway construction gantry crane is widely used in the loading of factory buildings, warehouses, and material warehouses. According to working requirements, gantry crane sets single or double girder.
    1.Lifting capacity: 5-100tons
    2.Crane span: 5-35m
    3.Working temperature: -20鈩?to 40鈩?/p>
    4.Lifting height: 3-30m or customized
    5.Lifting speed: single speed: 3-8m/min, or customized; /variable frequency speed: 1-20m/min, or customized
    6.Working class: A3-A7
    7.Lifting mechanism: winch trolley or hoist
    8.Power supply: AC-3Phase-220//230380/400/415/440V-50/60Hz
    9.Control methods: Ground handle control(Push button), wireless remote control, cabin control.
    10.Safety device: Buffer, current overload protection, overload device, power failure protection
    11.Painting color: Yellow, or optional
    12.Application place: Factory, workshop, warehouse, power station, logstic, indoor /outdoor etc.
    1. Double box girder with steel legs passing through the ground beam as crane traveling system
    2. The arch of the main beam is designed to span * 1-1.4 / 1000.
    3.Steel material: Q235 or Q345
    4. The main beam and supporting beam are cleaned with Sa2.5 shot peening
    5. Conductor power: cable reel or bus bar.
    6. Frequency conversion, double speed, single speed, all the lifting system
    of the hoist and crane are independent, and different designs can be made at the same time according to the requirements of the crane
    7. The overall layout provides good protection to deal with special working environments. Such as gas plants, workshops, warehouses, etc.
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    Consultation service the customer can consult with experience experts of sevencrane .after fully understanding the needs of the customer,we will customized relevant schemes to help our clients choose the reasonable crane and provided the best quotation.
    Installation and debugging service. And our technical staff can provide you with professional crane installation debugging services to help you spend less installation costs in the shortest possible time to start safe use of the of the subway gantry crane ,and the preventive solution to the problem may occur.
    Training service. After the completion of equipment installation and debugging. We will train the customer鈥檚 engineers to help operate and maintain the equipment safely and efficiently. At the same time of training , we will also inform clients of the regular inspection points.
    Spare parts service.aging and wear of parts are inevitable as cranes are used ,so seven crane鈥檚 technical data and inventories of vulnerable parts.
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