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    Vacuum pump include roots vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump, widely used in petroleum, plastic industry, pesticide industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries. In paper making industry, it is used for vacuum dewatering. The features are high efficiency, small size, energy conservation, etc.
    Our company will send engineers to customer’s factory to guide installation and debugging of paper machine, training technical personnel until completed installation, ensure supply of spare parts for paper machine, give a qualified line to the buyer, ensure supply of spare parts for paper machine.
    Inlet diameter(mm)85125150150200200250250300300300300
    (1) There is a larger pumping speed in a wider pressure range;
    (2) The rotor has good geometric symmetry, vibration is small and operation is stable.
    (3) There is no need to seal and lubricate with oil in the pump cavity, which can reduce the pollution of the oil vapor to the vacuum system;
    (4) There is no compression and no exhaust valve in the pump cavity. Simple and compact structure, insensitive to dust and water vapor in the pumped gas;
    (5) The compression is relatively low, and the effect of hydrogen pumping is poor;
    (6) Rotor surface is a curved cylindrical surface with a more complicated shape.
    What kind of paper machine your factory produce?
    (1) toilet paper machine which produce toilet paper, facial tissue paper, napkin paper;
    (2) culture paper machine which produce writing paper, A4 paper, copy paper, printing paper, newspaper, offset paper etc;
    (3) kraft paper machine which produce carton box paper, corrugated paper, craft paper, testliner paper, carton board paper etc;
    (4) paper processing machine.Spare Parts price