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    O/p-Toluene sulfonic acid Methyl Ester (OPTSM) is used in the production of dyes and organic synthesis.
    Product descriptions:
    Product Name: O/P-Toluene Sulfonic Acid Methyl Ester;
    Methyl o/p-toluenesulfonate; Methyl O/P-Toluene Sulfonate;
    CAS No. 28804-47-9
    Molecular Formula: C8H10O3S
    Molecular Weight: 186.23
    Structural Formula:
    EINECS No.: 249-237-3
    Technical Specification:
    Appearance: Colorless or light yellow clear liquid
    Purity: 鈮?9%
    O- TSM: 40-70%
    P- TSM: 30-60%
    M-TSM: 鈮?%
    Moisture: 鈮?.5%
    Free acid: 鈮?.2%
    OPTSC: 鈮?.3%
    This is our general specifications, we could manufacture the product as per your required specifications.
    Usage: 1. Used as a selective methylation reagent for organic synthesis
    2. Used in the manufacture of dyes and organic synthesis
    3. Used to produce the raw material for methylation.
    4. This product is mainly used in medicine, organic synthesis, imaging tape and other industries.
    Packing: 200kg plastic drum or 200kg plastic lined iron drum
    Loading port: Qingdao seaport, Shanghai Seaport, or as your requirement.
    Markets: our product are sold to domestic and foreign markets, depending on unbreakable product quality, our products has won the recognition and trust of international and domestic customers, customer satisfaction remains 100%.
    Handing and Storage:
    Storage: Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances. Keep containers tightly closed.
    Handling: Wash thoroughly after handling. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. Use with adequate ventilation. Minimize dust generation and accumulation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Avoid ingestion and inhalation.O/p-Toluene Sulfonic Acid Methyl Ester