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    Product description
    Non-woven double-sided printing (3 colors + 3 colors) printing machine can complete printing work at one time with high efficiency and fast work efficiency, after six colors

    1.Video introduction
    Non woven letterpress printing machineThe working principle The ink in the ink fountain, under the action of the anilox roller in the flexographic printing component, the anilox roller cell and the surface of the anilox roller are both With the printing ink, the ink on the anilox roller surface is scraped off by the doctor blade, so that the ink only exists in the anilox roller cell, and the ink in the cell is transferred to the flexible under the pressure On the printing plate. Finally, under the action of printing pressure, the ink on the printing plate is transferred to the substrate.

    Model YT-61200
    Machine Colors Six colour
    Max. printing width 1160mm
    Printing material PE plastic film,Roll paper,Non woven fabric and so on
    Printing length 100-990mm
    Printing speed 15-80m/min
    Anilox roll Ceramic
    Plate Thickness 3.94mm(non woven fabric)
    2.38mm(paper,plastic film)
    Register precision Longitude:卤0.15mm Transverse:卤0.15mm
    Rewinder/Unwinder DIA Unwind reel diameter: 桅1000mm
    Rewind reel diameter: 桅1200mm
    Unwind and rewind material
    holder By air shaft , 2 pcs
    Rewind and Unwind web
    cylinder 桅76mm (inner diameter)
    Rewind system Auto tension system control
    Printing pressure Mechanical adjust
    Drying way Electrical heat drying
    Electrical drying power 18 kw(it is special with double surface blowing ,wind cooling circulate,
    drying fast, also with high speed drying for fastness)
    Blower 0.75kw x 2pcs
    Powder brakes 5kg
    Tension sensor 2-30kg
    Tension precision 卤0.3kg
    Master power 24kw
    Dimension(L脳W脳H) 5100*2300*3000mm
    Weight 5000kg
    Power Voltage 220V/380V/440V, 3 PH, 50/60 Hz
    3. Machine Advantages
    1. We use stronger steel plate for machine body, which make machine more stable.
    2. Helical gear for whole machines, which make the printing quality more accurate and precise.
    3. EPC, which adjust the edge of film or paper.
    4. Automatic tension controlling, easy to operate.
    5. Longer heating oven, improve the printing speed.
    6. Doctor blade, which make the ink more equal. Double doctor blade is optional.
    7. Separate ink motor to control the ink roller.
    8. Ink pump is optional.

    5.Chinaplas photo
    Chinaplas is the number 1 exhibition in plastic industry in Asia,we attend this exhibition every year, shows our latest machine and technology to our customer,this is a really good platform for customer and us,we got market demand from customer and updated our product according to it.welcome the customer over the world meet us in chinaplas

    6.Packaging and delivery
    鈥?Delivery time: about 15 working days after payment.
    鈥ackage: The packaging of the product transport process is the use of environmentally friendly wooden pallets, effectively avoid the international long-distance transport machinery collision.
    鈥?nbsp;FOB: Ning bo Port

    Customized Non Woven Letterpress Printing Machine