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    ZSW Vibrating Feeder for sale
    The ZSW series vibrating feeders are kind of equipment that utilizes the vibration feeding the materials through a process or a machine. The vibrating feeders take advantages of both vibration and gravity, to move stone materials forward. The force of gravity delivers material to shift the direction, such as downing or laterally. Meanwhile, vibration is adapted to influence the material鈥檚 movement. Vibrating feeders are really important in both factories and quarries. They can evenly deliver various items that may require people countless hours, exhaustion and even physical fatigue. Vibrating feeders are used to handle large materials covering all industries, like pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, cosmetic, food, and packaging. In addition, ZSW vibrating feeders are used for the advance materials including glass, foundry stuff, steel, and plastic things, through construction and manufacturing facilities. There’s no doubt, also for recycling materials, pulp and paper, metal-working industries, dry bulk solid materials and others.
    The Structure of Stone Vibrating Grizzly Feeder
    The vibrating feeders are designed based on the product to be processed. The size of these equipment is calculated considering several essential process data such as the amount of materials to be taken, while other details of design are related to elements including temperature, weight and particle size of the materials.
    Product Advantages锛?/strong>
    1.Simple structure
    2.Long working life
    3.Low operation cost
    5.High reliability
    6.Stable running with small noise
    7.Available common wear parts anywhere
    The Application of Stone Vibrating Grizzly Feeder
    The stone types: limestone,basalt,granite,sandstone,shale,marble,andesite,diabase,quartz,obsidian,dolomite,gold, Iron, Copper and etc.
    1. How many tons per hour for the capacity?
    The ZSW feeders with good quality can best fit for your crushing plant. The capacity can range from 90-1000tph depends on what you request. Different feeding size will lead to different capacity. You can choose your feeders after confirming the parameters with our technicians.
    2. What are the main parts of the feeder?
    The structure is pretty simple. It comprises the equipment body, back vibrating spring, electric motor and support, vibration exciter, front vibrating spring.
    3. How are parts being supplied to the feeder?
    Vibrating feeder systems don鈥檛 operate properly if they鈥檙e too full or starving for parts. The system should be designed to measure parts at a proper speed to reduce the number of operator touches and interactions. Your system should also be designed to ergonomic requirements and safety needs. You don鈥檛, for example, want a hopper six feet off the ground when your operators are five feet tall.
    4. Can I put my own logo and color on the equipment?
    As an OEM factory, we accept our customer personalize their equipment with their own style.
    5. How long for your quality warranty?
    One year. Our technician can guide you on-site.
    Product Picture
    Product Parameter
    ModelMax. Feeding Size (mm)Capacity (tph)Speed of Eccentric shaft(rpm)Motor Power (kW)Overall Dimensions (l*w*h) (mm)Size of Funnel (mm)Weight (Without Motor) (kg)
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