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    Silicone composite pin insulator is composed of three parts: glass fiber epoxy resin drawing rod, silicone rubber umbrella skirt and metal fittings. It can effectively make use of the narrow corridor to open the pressure and send electricity, which is suitable for the technical transformation of city network. It can reduce the height of the pole tower and save a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Due to its high bending strength, it can prevent the occurrence of continuous fracture accident of the porcelain crossarm, which is the product that cannot be replaced by the porcelain crossarm.Small size, light weight, shockproof, strong impact resistance, no need for manual cleaning, to
    provide security for safe operation.
    Products Details :
    VotageRated Bending Resistance load
    Minimum Dry Arc DistanceMinimum
    Creepage DistanceLightning Impulse
    Withstand VoltagePower Frequency 1 min Wet-withstand Voltage
    Electrical Performance Of Pin Polymer Insulator锛?/strong>
    The destructive discharge along the insulation surface is called flashover. Flashover is the main electrical performance of pin insulator. For different voltage levels, the voltage tolerance requirements of pin insulators are different, and the indicators include power frequency dry, wet voltage, lightning shock voltage, lightning shock carrier voltage, operating shock voltage and so on.To avoid breakdown in operation, the breakdown voltage of the insulator is higher than the flashover voltage.
    Application :
    Product Advantage :
    Composite pin insulator has high resistance to bending, impact, shock and explosion.The inner insulation is reliable and light weight, which is an ideal replacement for the traditional tempered glass insulators.China Composite Pin Insulator