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    HCD6818 Air Quality Transmitter
    HCD6818 is designed and produced by Handan Yunnong Intelligent Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd and usded to measure various meteorological parameter for Smart environment, smart city, industrial pollution. It innovatively realizes PM2.5銆丳M10銆丆O銆丼O2銆丯O2銆丱3銆乀銆丷H through a highly integrated structure, which can realize the 24-hour continuous online monitoring of outdoor meteorological parameters, and output the parameters to the EPA.In addition, it also can added to measure H鈧係, volatile organic pollutants, total suspended particulate matter and other meteorological sensors (wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, sunshine radiation)
    HCD6818 can be widely used in urban environmental monitoring, wind power generation, meteorological monitoring, Bridges, tunnels, ships, aviation airports, agricultural meteorology, water conservancy meteorology, power environment, highway meteorological monitoring and other fields.No maintenance and on-site calibration is required.
    1銆丼tandard configuration monitoring PM2.5銆丳M10銆丆O銆丼O2銆丯O2銆丱3銆乀銆丷H, RS485锛圡ODBUS 锛夛紱
    2銆丠igh precision, reliable performance, suitable for outdoor weather harsh environment;
    3銆丳arameter collection, optional wireless data collector, automatic data upload network platform, mobile phone client real-time data view锛?/p>
    4銆丷eal-time monitoring of meteorological environmental data, low cost, suitable for grid distribution锛?/p>
    5銆丼mall size, modular design, flexible layout锛?/p>
    6銆丱ptional GPS positioning, device tracking function锛?/p>
    7銆丏ata acquisition adopts 32-bit high-speed processing chip, stable and anti-interference.
    Measture itemPrincipleRangeResolutionAccuracy
    Atmospheric temperatureMEMS-40-60鈩?/p>0.1鈩?/p>卤0.3鈩冿紙25鈩冿級
    Atmospheric humidityMEMS0-100%RH0.1%卤3%RH
    PM2.5Laser way0-1000ug/m鲁1ug/m鲁卤10%(Measurements)
    PM10Laser way0-1000ug/m鲁1ug/m鲁卤10%(Measurements)
    COElectrochemical principle0-12.5ppm鈮?0ppb卤1.5%F.S
    SO2Electrochemical principle0-2000ppb鈮?0ppb卤1.5%F.S
    NO2Electrochemical principle0-2000ppb鈮?0ppb卤1.5%F.S
    O3Electrochemical principle0-2000ppb鈮?0ppb卤1.5%F.S
    OptionWind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, H2S, noise, sunshine radiation, AQI index, ultraviolet ray, noise
    fixed formSleeve fixed, flange fixed
    Power consumption<1w@12V
    Ingress ProtectionIP65
    Work EnvironmentTemperature: -40-70鈩冿紱Humidity: 5-90%RH
    Add function鈼?Data collector (net port, GPRS)
    鈼?Fixed brackets (1.5m, 3m) constitute a complete set of monitoring station
    鈼?B/S architecture software platform, mobile APP client software (android version only)
    鈼?Solar power system
    Main materialASA+engineering plastics
    Mounting frame1.5m, 3m Flange, 1.8m tripod
    GPSDevice tracking and positioning
    Data ReleasePC銆乀elephone APP銆丩ED銆丩CD TV display, etc
    The four pollution gases can be converted to ug/m鲁. The conversion coefficient is as follows: coefficient N = (ug/m鲁)/ PPB
    1.Thermometer shelter (temperature, humidity, air pressure monitoring position)
    3.Bottom fixed with flangeBest Weather Sensors