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    Ningbo Santin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is subcompany of Genloci Biotechnologies Inc., Genloci was established in 2011. is a production and sales enterprise for antimicrobial peptides products.
    The company has the advanced production craft and the equipment, the complete analysis, the examination method, can implement satisfy the product request.Controls each production working procedure parameter strictly, causes the production process to be at the controlled condition, thus guarantee product quality.
    Our Product
    Antimicrobial peptides biomaterial, Antimicrobial peptides product, Female Private Product, Skin Care Spray, Oral Care Spray, Cell-culture Guard.
    Product Application
    Medical&pharmaceutical industry, such as the control of animal disease, antimycotic drugs锛宎ntivirus drugs, antineoplastic drugs, of human beings, and also used in the Food preservative industry; chemical reagent; extractive industry.
    Our Certificate
    CDC test report, patent certificate for polypeptide

    Production Market
    The main market now is China, already covered more than 20 provinces, the Antimicrobial peptides products already applied in the hosptial such as National Children鈥檚 Medical Center and Shanghai Children鈥檚 Medical Center; Hangzhou First People鈥檚 Hospital, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine Antimicrobial Peptides Biomaterial made in China