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    The front of the this kind of sign is made of thick acrylic sheet and polished, which is mounted on the mirror steel with the CSK screw. The rear mirror steel is carefully polished, and the mirror surface is smooth and clean, smooth. Led light board used inner make the whole sign very beautiful, which shows the high quality.
    Material:Stainless steel/Aluminum/galvanized plate; acrylic;LED
    Price:According to your drawings/materials and size
    Size:Customized design
    Capability:waterproof, rustproof, weather resistance.
    Processing:Laser cutting, grinding, paintings and assembly
    Transformer:Output 12V/24V, input 110-240V
    Illuminated:LED light
    Payment:TT Paypal
    Payment Terms:50% deposit and balance paid before shipping.
    We have been making efforts:
    Let the products reflect the soul of the design,
    Let the quality of the products exceed your expectation!
    Overall shape:
    The Unique and exquisite HK craftsmanship will make the products more perfect nice looking and upscale feeling.
    Additional value:
    All signs are made according to customer requirements, there are also Free lifetime TECH support!
    Buyer noted:
    Goods is customized according to your requirement, before giving the best quotation for you, please advise your details as much as you can.
    1) Your sign design drawing
    2) If you do not have drawing, please advise the size, material, or similar product photo.
    3) More details you give, more better product will be!

    Can we change product once purchased or exchanged?
    All products are customized and unique. Once agreed by both sides and produce, the products can not change or exchange, Unless the quality problems confirmed by both parties.Luminous Signs