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    Located in the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake, Wuxi Secure Electricity CO.,LTD (formerly Wuxi Electric Safety Equipment Factory, Xishan Electric Safety Equipment Factory) is a safety tool and apparatus manufacturer designated by the former Ministry of Electric Power Industry and Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., and a member of National Technical Committee 36 on Hot-line Work of Standardization Administration of China and CSEE Safety Technical Committee, with a history of forty years. Boasting complete test equipments, advanced manufacturing process, strong technical strength and a complete set of pre-sales and after-sales service system, we take an important position in the domestic industry and are successively named as a “Trustworthy Enterprise of Wuxi”. The company is one of the first batch of “Grade AAA Trustworthy Enterprises of Wuxi” named by Wuxi municipal people’s government. “XA” is a famous brand of Wuxi city. In addition, the company is recognized as a “Private Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”.
    Founded in March 1971, the company is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of safety tools and apparatuses for electric power system, with XJ series portable short-circuit grounding wire firstly approved by the former Ministry of Energy.
    The company attaches great importance to internal quality management, and passed IS09001-2000 quality management system certification in September 2001. Backed by stable product quality, our market has expanded continuously, and our products are distributed to power generation and supply companies, enterprises and public institutions affiliated to state and provincial grid corporations and approved for connection to the grids. All of our products have passed type test by the Quality Surveillance Inspection Center for Electrical Safety Tools and Apparatuses of Electric Power Industry and appraisal at departmental and provincial levels.

    Our company mainly delivers: XJ series portable short-circuit grounding wire; GSY series capacitive AC high-voltage electroscope; XAF series high-voltage electroscopic signal generator; FJ series personal security grounding wire; JK-T seriespole climbers; XAT series light-weight glass fiber ladder (rigid insulating ladder); height measuring rod, climbing plank, high-voltage brake pull-rod, discharging rod, discharging gap rod, insulating barrier, safety helmet, safety belt, insulating boots, insulating gloves, mimic diagram, bird repeller, safety tool cabinet, safety fences, signboard and other XA series electrical safety tools, apparatuses and equipments. We will follow IS09001-2000 standards, establish internal quality management system and put it into effective operation to provide consistent high-quality products to the satisfaction of customers, improve our competitive power and development potential, enhance our publicity, and expand our market.
    Our company participated in drafting of the following standards: Technical Standard for Portable Short-circuit Grounding Wires, DB32/152-1996 Standard for Lineman Climbers and DB32/045-94 Standard for Capacitive Electroscope. XA series electrical safety tools, apparatuses and equipments are contributions of Wuxi Electric Safety Equipments Co., Ltd. to national power system safety, civilized production and construction, and reliable helpers for power enterprises to comply with the “two standards”. On behalf of the staff, general manager Mr. Lu Yun sincerely welcomes customers to select XA products and looks forward to your visit and advice!High Voltage Ground Rod With Ground Wire for sale