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    Stone coated metal roof tiles are new roof materials produced with durable galvalume steel plate and takes the high quality watercraft acrylic resin as the adhesives, the weather resistant color sand as the surface layer through unique technical process. They are high technological product combining creation,composition and are environment friendly.
    Stone coated metal roof tiles are suitable for not only roof constructions of all styles and types (wooden,steel structured,concrete)of buildings,but alos the roof change,renovation and local decoration,etc.
    The colorful stone coated roof tile has weatherability, moisture resistance, salt spray resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance and non-combustibility. The product is based on aluminized and galvanized steel sheet, and has multi-layer protective film treatment. It can withstand severe cold, hail, storm, snow, and extreme heat, earthquake and other adverse weather and natural disasters. It will not crack, aging, fire, wind, and has a long service life.
    Color metal tile process
    The colour sand is a circular arc tile decoration layer and the base layer of protection, it is made by a certain particle size of basalt particles by high-tech coloring process and high temperature sintering. With more than 10 kinds of colors, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, to reduce the noise of the rain caused by metal tile. metal color stone tile cutting easy, easy to bend, per square metre only 2, safe to use, quick installation, basically do not need to maintenance and repairStone Coated Roof Tiles Accessories factory